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About Us

Landep Hospitality Management

Landep Hospitality (LH) is a Consultant and management Company that specializes in Hospitality Industries. Landep Hospitality Management provides management services through the Operating Agreement, which is made up of the Management and Membership Agreement (MMA). The Operating Agreement establishes the relationship between the Hotel, Suites, Villas or Resort owner and Landep Hospitality through our management company office in Bali. These Services are designed to deliver the global experience of Landep Hospitality in a flexible manner to local operating conditions in Indonesia.

Landep Hospitality Management is a practical and accessible company which prides itself on a transparent approach to its relationship with Owners. Hotel Owners are able to access the company executives on any matter and at any time. This is a unique characteristic of Landep Hospitality Management. We are not a conglomerate company with real estate focus and hotel management as a secondary activity – hotel management is our primary business and our passion.

We are excited about the opportunity to manage your hotel and feel that we are the ideal management company to match the owners are looking for. We will ensure, as management partners, to continue the success of your hotel.

Our key strength are:

• Transparent Management Policy
• Locally Sensitive
• Truly Balinese Identity
• Strong Regional Brand Identity
• Partnership with Owners
• Distribution Network